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Queen Of The Big Rodeo lyrics


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     Queen Of The Big Rodeo
    >> Marty Robbins
        Gather 'round cowboys I'll tell you a tale
    A story that's hard to be told
    Of a trick ridin' cowgril we loved and we called
    The queen of the big roder
    Wherever she went she was always acclaimed
    As the greatest of trick ridin' girls
    Perfection and beauty were her's all alone
    She was strickly the best in the world
    Cowboys and cowgirls remarked of her charm
    And a smile that brightened the world
    Admired and chosen by many a man
    As the best of the trick ridin' girls
    One night in Houston the crowd was so big
    There was forty-five thousand or more
    She had just about finished her act for the night
    One more trick the crowd waited for
    A dangerous trick at the horse's full speed
    A trick that had never been tried
    Cowboys and cowgirls both knew if she failed
    If she fell she could easily die
    The ride was perfection and almost complete
    Suddenly somethin' went wrong
    The sinch gave away and she lost control
    And at full speed she fell to the ground
    Not one muscle moved as she lay where she fell
    She's unconscious, one bronc buster said
    But the doctor removed any doubt from our minds
    When he said, the young cowgirl was dead
    Not one livin' soul in the crowd made a move
    They all knew that somethin' was wrong
    As they took her away from the place where she lay
    They knew the young cowgirl was gone
    Cowboys just stood there with hats in their hands
    Their heads were bowed ever so low
    Not one eye was dry as we whispered, goodbye
    To the queen of the big rodeo
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